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    Pipeline engineering (Steel, Galvanized Steel, Mite Steel)

    Aggritech Engineering offers a myriad of pipe engineering and installation services for different industries and with differing environments. These include but are not limited to; steel pipes for transporting liquid and gas products, galvanized steel for sewer works, mild steel for waterworks and flue pipes for discharge of exhaust fumes.

    Boiler installations

    With the clientele we have, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer the very best storage tanks for products with different compositions and temperatures. For industries that use high or very low temperatures, we employ the use of materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

    Steel frame and structure installations

    Engineers at Aggritech are skilled in the construction of durable and versatile steel frames and structures especially for load-bearing purposes. We specialise in constructing conventional, light gauge and bolted steel frames which can all be used in high rise, industrial and residential buildings as well as warehouses and scaffolds.

    For companies in the petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical and food processing industries, we make vessels that can contain products with pressures extensively higher or lower than the ambient pressure. We ensure that these vessels are of the best quality without any spaces that can cause major accidents.

    Fuel tank fabrication and installation

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    Mechanical testing and maintenance

    As part of the services here at Aggritech engineering Co. Ltd, we offer routine maintenance works for both for projects we undertake and for those we are contracted to repair. In addition, we offer mechanical testing in different capacities including tensile testing, hardness testing, impact testing, non-destructive testing, fracture toughness among others.

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    Aggritech Engineering Company Ltd. is a solely Ghanaian-owned company that deals with the fabrication and installation of pipelines, storage tanks, boilers and steel structures. Our operations normally revolve around the mining, construction, energy, oil and gas and maintenance industry. We prioritise using sustainable, eco-friendly and durable materials that are compatible with the climate in this region.

    • Pipeline engineering
    • Pressure Vessel Installations
    • Steel frame and structure installations.
    • Boiler, Sphere and Fuel Tank installations.
    • Mechanical testing & Maintenance.

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